Schrade SCHF2SM Extreme Survival

Schrade SCHF2SM Extreme Survival review

Schrade SCHF2SM Extreme Survival knife

Those who are in the habit to hike and enjoy nature, sleep out in the embrace of trees and songs of nocturnal birds, cook marshmallows and hotdogs in an open fire – it doesn’t sound so great if there are enemies watching nearby. That is why being smart and being careful are two qualities you have to have when in the outdoors.


For those who have been in the hiking and outdoor habit for a long time, they know that to have a survival knife is one way to aid them in their hours, or days in the wild.

They key to looking for the perfect knife has been a question for hikers worldwide as there are so many out there to choose from but only a few are of great quality work.Then, there is the Schrade SCHF2SM Sheath that is available in Amazon right now. It is one survival knife that answers to all you need out there in the wild.

Let me show you how:

The Product – this knife has a 5.6″ blade, 4.7″ handle that includes a screw driver multi – tool in handle, as well as a ballistic nylon sheath that is not so common in survival knives. It weighs 12.5 ounces and has high carbon steel on its blade and handle. That’s just the product details, and yet you can already feel it in your hands, the perfect partner to cut those little branches for you to pass by the wild.


Schrade SCHF2SM Extreme Survival review

The handle is great and easily used. The product was released February 12, 2010 and has been imported from Taiwan, and is currently only being shipped in the US. So, good news for everyone in the state as the best has been made available for them as easily as ordering it in Amazon.

The Benefits to the Ultimate Hunter – the hunter has to have a survival knife to be prepared as to what lies ahead in the woods, may it be a grizzly bear, a hissing snake, or some branches, or just opening a can of pork and beans, your knife will be your peace of mind that you can survive the enemies that the wild will throw at you.

Cut out branches – the knife is set to be very sharp and can therefore cut through most things that are not so wide. Of course, we would need another equipment if we wanted to cut down trees, so that’s a different product altogether. You can cut through small branches, and vines among others. Ropes and any other item that can be cut will be cut by this beautiful knife.

Can openers – oh, you didn’t bring the can opener for the peas? That’s fine; aside from its normal job you can open the peas, pork and beans and slice some of the hotdogs or meat there. All you have to remember is wash it if you are using it to slice food.

Screw driver – there is a screw driver included just in case you need it. You can definitely have a handy screw driver whether it’s for your radio, your car or whatever equipments you have there. Instead of bringing added weigh of a screw driver to your back pack, then this is the perfect tool to carry because it gives you the screw driver without having to carry the real thing.

The Scary wild – so if there is imminent danger of a wild animal that will attack in any second, this knife, as it is sharp, can help wound your opponent and at which point, you can run as far as you can.

The Schrade extreme survival Knife with Nylon Sheath actually costs $92.86 but has been discounted and can only be brought for $59.97, which is a lot of savings for everybody in the US who wants to take advantage of it. You can go to right now and order so that you can get the best survival knife in town.

You never know what is waiting in the wild for you, so it is best to be equipped with an extreme survival knife that can help you protect yourself, without having to take out so much money from your pocket. This is one of the best knife who you can buy it.

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