Schrade SCHR9 Extreme survival knife review

The knife has combined all the features of previously manufactured survival knifes and converged them to produce a knife that possesses all those unique characteristics. In other words this Schrade extreme survival knife is the most complex yet convenient survival knife ever manufactured.

Schrade Extreme survival knife

Manufactured by Taylor brands, a company that was founded by Stewart Taylor in 1975,this

Schrade Extreme survival knife is one of the highest quality

stainless steel knifes that the company has ever produced since its initiation. The company also manufactures designs and distributes several other varieties of cutlery such as shears, common kitchen knives as well as scissors.

The multipurpose knife has attracted admiration from people across professions. From Hunters to mountain climbers, hikers, fire safety personnel as well as law enforcement agencies. They all have shown greater preference for Schrade SCHF9 compared to any other knife offered in the market.

<em>Schrade Extreme survival knife</em> review

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme survival knife has several specifications that make it to stand out when compared to other contemporary knives that the market offers. They include (but are not limited to the following);

Total weight of 15.9 ounces.

At such a weight, the knife is considerably suitable for both light travelers as well as those camping for long and therefore may require a slightly heavier knife to be used to slice large objects such as logs of wood or small trees.

The Schrade blade

The drop point style blade has a length of 6.4”, a thickness of 0.25” and is reasonably sturdy. The blade has a large surface area towards the edge. All these features enable the blade to hold the edge excellently.

The thickness also helps in easing the sharpening process as well as helping the knife to resist/withstand wear and tear. The large surface area gives the knife a blunt ended tip that is preferable due to its ability to resist shearing.

The knife is comparatively cheap.

The Knife retails for approximately (check) US dollars, a comparatively low price compared to the quality of the knife. Knives with almost similar features retail at 3-4 times the value of Schrade.

Blade steel is made of 1095 high carbon steel.

1095 high carbon steel is a mixture of both carbon and steel. The main advantage of swords made from this complex is that they can easily acquire and maintain a keener edge after sharpening as compared to those manufactured from lower carbon content. One disadvantage of the carbon steel complex is that it can be a little brittle.

Handle made of kraton

Kraton material (unlike common rubber that is mostly used to manufacture knife handles) is hard, more durable and highly comfortable. It’s therefore a better choice for non-slip knife handles.

Kraton gives the handle a perfect grip that enables the holder to carry out close intricate work or farther away work such as chopping. Kraton has received preference due to its ability to retain a firm grip whether wet or dry. the iconic kraton handle is able to absorb a lot of shock when cutting hard wood.

Handle length of approximately 5.6”

The large handle provides several different yet comfortable gripping points. The handle has a specific location for placing the index finger which then provides excellent control for close up work such as chopping, cutting or piercing. The elevated circle pattern provides an excellent grip and makes the holder not to loose the grip easily.

Sheath made of tough nylon.

The sheath has a loop that allows the knife to be safely and quickly removed from the belt without causing any damage to the belt. The sheath holds the knife tightly in a fixed position when it’s not in use. The ability to hold the knife in a fixed position and allow easy retrieval when the need arises is what makes the belt sheath outstanding.

The back part of the sheath has several carrying options including one that enables the user to clip the knife without having to remove the belt. The outer side of the sheath houses a removable pouch that can be used to carry small items.

Schrade Extreme survival knife provides all what a customer can think of in a single tool. this knife can accomplish almost all the survival tasks and can as well be used instead of the small knife. an excellent combination, isn’t it?






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